Coz you just wanna smex Park Yoochun up.


The name's Rachel. I get all jittery with introductions, but I'll try nonetheless.

Those five boys deserve all the space they need, so that's why a separate Tumblog is necessary.

Shim Changmin-biased. YunJae shipper/believer. And I'm waiting and keeping the faith.

P.S. I'm that crude and perverted YunJae fan girl who's not afraid to squee and spazz and flail in public.

♫ Our love was lost, but now we’ve found it ♫Love Lost by The Temper Trap#YJMKMF08


♫ Our love was lost, but now we’ve found it ♫
Love Lost by The Temper Trap

Unpopular opinion: I want to purchase TVXQ’s new album just because of the art and concept

Not because of the songs (truthfully, I haven’t heard any of the songs—refuse to listen—nor watched the MV of whatsthetitleagain?), but because the red and black versions remind me of the approach JYJ did for In Heaven. It looks polished and well-conceptualised—sleek, sexy, mature, which I think HoMin pulls well. Plus, the photos I’ve been seeing of them dressed down to classic twee pop suits and sweaters and coats with the inclusion of the dogs are really dazzling to look at. Aaaand, Changmin and Yunho look really good without the additional wacko bizzaro crap-that-passes-for-avant-garde-fashion that their company (and basically the whole industry) likes to employ in photoshoots and music videos.

So my non-YJ shipper/new TVXQ fan girl friend told me that

  • Her: it's like NINE is a love song for Yunho from Jaejoong
  • Her: but what do I know, right?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ sʃǝǝɟ ɹǝddıɥs

Anonymous asked: how strong of a YJ believer are you? i've seen shippers getting all worked up over couple things, i myself am for one, but that alone isnt why I believe in them. how about you?

Hey there person! This msg has been sitting in here since I don’t even remember how long anymore. Anyway, I think it’s high time I answered this.

I’m not pretty sure how I can rate how strong of a believer I am. I just simply am, regardless if I’ve dwindled off/out of fandom for the past year or so. The thing is, I do get worked out about couple things, but not to the point I’d get crazyass on some other fans and whatnot. I’d like to call myself a sophisticated and rational shipper because I have derived my belief from whatever rational thing there is to derive it from. I try to be intellectual about my stance and my beliefs—I put everything in an intellectual discourse, actually, hence my TL;DR posts about gender and sexuality.

And to top it off, before I even became a legit fan of TVXQ (I digress to calling myself a Cassie, and I opt to see myself as an outsider still, sheesh), I’ve sort of got that feeling that maybe there’s something about YunJae. So yeah. I don’t know if this last bit concretizes everything I’ve just said (nor if I’ve adequately answered your query). But yeah, here ya go.

  • Jaejoong: my milkshake brings all your oppars to da yard and damn right it's better than yours
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: WHYYYY

Oppar being gay doesn’t mean he’s not manly: this is an issue I’ll keep pointing out

I’ve always pointed this out because I’m quite touchy about anything relating to gender/queer theory. Most especially when it involves sexist slurs.

I’m also guilty of putting my two cents inside this sexist jar, but all for the spirit of fun (which now I’m beginning to feel really guilty about cuz it’s never really a laughing matter unless I’m part of their in-group), especially when you see Yunho being his usual diva self or Jaejoong for being his flamboyant self. 

Yet the fact remains despite all the stereotypical antics my OTP puts out there: just because they are gay doesn’t make them any less of a man. And really, I hate seeing people make sexist slurs over the fact that Jaejoong likes to wear anything Hello Kitty or that Yunho flicks his wrist in such a way that’s suspicious. These things are often seen as something effeminate, but that doesn’t lessen their machismo or innate masculinity. Something like this isn’t measured by just the typical cultural norm or the typical judgment that institutionalised thinking has made us to believe. And I’m not sorry for calling out on this below-the-belt assault because really, I’ve had enough.

I don’t even know if I’m having issues with this because I’m taking it too seriously or that some fans are really just close-minded. I’m trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but then again with the present/apparent rhetoric that some fans employ, this is indeed not in the spirit of fun. And I really hate it.

Shipperism: When oppa is linked to/gets a girl, IV.

  • Others: Nooooo! Oppa is mine, bitch!
  • Me: Nooooo! Oppa is other oppa's, bitch!